Style #100 is a variation of #101 with staggered pickets creating something distinctive in this wrought iron alternative.

Style #101 is the traditional wrought iron fence design. The points of the pickets are even across the top of the section.

Style #111 is a version of Style #101 that is constructed to accept the three different kinds of finials instead of the standard pressed spear picket points. Finials add to the elegance and replicates many of the old world wrought iron fence desings.

100 Series

Available Heights; 36:. 48", 60", 57", 72"

Black, White, Bronze, Green

200 Series

Black, White, Bronze, Green

400 Series

Available Heights; 36:. 48", 60", 72", 84", 96"

Black, White, Bronze, Green


Regency Series

Concord Series

Available Heights; 36", 48", 57", 60", 72"

Black, White, Bronze, Green

Available for Pool Enclosures in a 57" height as a modified Style 100, Style 101, and Concord.

Available Heights; 36:. 48", 60", 57", 72"

A smooth top rail makes this series perfect around pools and is our most popular design. The rust resistance aluminum construction makes them ideal for pool enclosures.

Style #202 - a more modern design with a smooth top rail

Stringent POOL ENCLOSURE CODE requires a 45 inch spacing between horizontal rails to make it impossible for a toddler to stand on the bottom horizontal rail and be able to reach the top horizontal rail and pull themselves over.
This is achieved in a 54" finished height with the Stlye 200 series by bringing the bottom rail down flush to the bottom of the picketts.

The 400 Series has a narrow 1 5/8" space between pickets to keep small pets inside or wildlife out.

The tiny spacing also makes it very difficult for children or adults to obtain a foothold on the fence.

Style #400 is similar to Style 200 with a narrow 1 5/8 inch space between the pickets below the second rail.

Style #401 is similar to Style 101 with the narrow 1 5/8 inch spacing.

This narrow spacing gives added safety and security by preventing footholds and keeping animals from squeezing through the fence.

Style #402 is a smooth top version of the #401

"Old World" wrought iron designs are reproduced with elegant arches connecting the pickets. This style is amoung our fastest growing and is unique to Jerith.

Concord has a distinguished old world wrought iron design with elegant curves connecting some of the pickets.

This style is available with either the standard pressed spear picket points, or one of the three optional finials, inside and between the arches.

All of the fence styles have matching gates similar in design to the one pictured above.

A arched "Accent Gate" option is also available, like the one pictured to the right.

Jerith supplies special Pool Saftey Locking Latches and Spring Loaded Hinges to meet stringent Pool Enclosure Code regulations.

Jerith also manufactures beautiful aluminum Driveway Entry Estate Gates which mimic all of the above fence styles.

The Regency series have larger components that allow these fences to be nearly 50% stronger than the other Residential series making it a good choice for industrial high traffic hard use areas.

Buckingham is a traditional wrought iron design with pointed pickets much like style 101. Unlike #101, the pickets do not extend below the botto rail. Larger components are used to fabricate this fence for both strength and a more stately appearance.

Available Heights; 48", 60", 72"

Windsor is the less traditional version of the Buckingham with a smooth top rail, similar to Style 202. Again, no pickets extend below the bottom rail. The larger componenets give a regal look to this fence.

Available Heights; 48". 54", 60", 72"

Kinsington is another classic wrought iron desing with decorative finials on the tops of the pickets. Similar to Style 111, but the pickets end at the bottom rail. The same large components are used in this style as the other Regency designs.

Available Heights; 48", 60", 72".

Canterbury is the latest design for Regency. This modification of Windsor is similar to the Residential Style #200 where every other picket ends with a point between the top two rails.

Again, like all of the Regency series, no pickets extend below the bottom rail and larger components are used for added strength and a heavier regal look and feel.

Available Heights; 36", 48", 57", 60", 72"


Color Samples



Black, White, Bronze, Green

Black, White, Bronze, Green




Different companies have different names for the same items, so when ordering finials for Jerith fencing or gates, double check that you use the names shown below, not the more common french names found elsewhere.

Style #200 is a modification of #202 which combines the saftey of a top rail with the traditional look of pointed pickets below the rail rather than standard pointed pickets for a refined, elegant appearance.