Solar powered automatic gate openers are an excellent choice for drive gates when electricity is not available, if you have 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight daily.

Cost: Approx. $4000.00 - includs a single gate solar powered opener kit, wireless keypad, exit probe, installation. This is for the solar powered opener supplies and installation only - the gate and post are priced seperately.

Automatic gate openers are popular out in the country so I wanted to place some information about them here along with farm gates - to see more, be sure to look at the Gate Openers page.

Here are some pictures of a typical solar powered driveway gate opener installation:


If electricity from the power company is near the gate location, then a 120 volt system is around $600 less for the automatic gate opener kit, plus 120 volt service allows for additional options that a solar powered system doesn't have the resources to power, like the Siren Operated Sensor for Emergency Vehicles and Cell Phone and land line Communication call boxes.

Affordable steel tubular security barrier driveway gate cost
tubular driveway security gate and installation cost
inexpensive drive gate with heavy wire mesh inlay for farm animal and dog containment
powered swing gate for farm and home

North Georgia Gate Co. installs Driveway Gates with or without automatic electric openers.

Many of our customers have a property in a rural area and simply wish to lock it down for basic security concerns at night or when they are away from home traveling.

Owners of large acreage may be interested in our heavy steel forest barrier gates and secure lock box.

For business owners, we offer gate solutions for parking lots and delivery areas that help control the flow of traffic.

Tubular farm style gates, right, or the custom fabricated heavy duty tubular gate below, are inexpensive and are excellent for keeping unwanted traffic off of your property.

These gates are available in black, green, red, and unpainted galvanized.

Gate, post, hinges, and latch, without any gate operator, cost around $850.00 installed.

The gate pictured above is fabricated using heavy gauge galvanized pipe and is less likely to bend, twist, or get dented and smashed like the typical store bought tubular farm gates. These gates also stand up to the stress of an automatic gate operators torque extremely well. Priced at around $1000.00 installed without an electric gate opener.

For automatic electric gate opener cost - check out component pricing on the "Gate Opener" page.

A "mesh" tubular gate is great for animal control and is available in different colors.

Sizes range from 4ft. wide to 16 ft. wide

A combination of two can be assembled to create a double gate as large as 32 ft. wide, which is true of any of the tube style farm gates.

Picture of a country estate with steel driveway entry swing gate and automatic electric gate opener installed

Some large rural estate properties need something a little nicer looking for the entry.

See the ornamental gates on the "Residential Gates" page for a larger selection.

security driveway gate lock box
gate security lock box
driveway gate lock box

For extra security, a steel "lock box" can be welded onto the post to allow a padlock to be placed out of the reach of bolt cutters and hack saws.

Simply close the gate, place a padlock through the hole in the tongue which is reached through the open bottom of the steel box, and presto - LOCK DOWN!

The only thing that can be accessed from the open bottom of the lock box is the key hole for the lock, there isn't room for bolt cutters or hack saws to operate.

Forest Barrier Gates:

Heavy duty steel forest barrier gate with security lock box
Barrier gate for farm, forested property, or wildlife management areas

One serious gate!

6 in. x 2 in. powder coated steel has been used to make the gate panel.

6 in. x 6 in. steel post.

Heavy duty barrel hinges.

Steel lock box.

$3500.00 and up, depending on design, size, easy of access to the property.

barrier gate and installation cost

The large barrier gate pictured above is made from 2x4, 2x6, and 6x6 heavy steel.There is a walk gate on the right and a 16ft. drive gate in the middle. Lock boxes for both open and closed positions with an angled panel to finish off at the hillside. This customer wanted large tall post for a future banner to span the drive, and single post placed as property markers out front.

Fabrication, powder coating, delivery, and installation came to $6500.00. No automation included.

A galvanized steel tubular gate makes an ideal barrier gate which is a less expensive alternative to the massive powder coated steel gates above.
A lockbox option can be added to prevent tampering with the padloc.
$850.00 installed without automatic electric gate openers or optional lock box.

farm driveway entry gate with electric gate opener installed
parking lot traffic control barrier double swing gate
parking lot traffic control barrier swing gate

Traffic Control Gates:

Lock Box Options

Ornamental Estate Gates:

Simple inexpensive traffic control swing gates keep unwanted traffic out of parking lots and from behind buildings where only delivery trucks, service trucks, and workers belong.

Shown above are a double gate with a 24 foot span, and a single gate spanning a 16 foot drive.

Available in any size.


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